Genesis of Wey Valley Workshop

Vicky Lugg and Ros Chilcot were inspiring teachers and artists who co-founded the Wey Valley Workshop in the early 1980s after steering several groups through their City and Guilds qualifications in Creative Embroidery at Godalming Education Centre.

Vicky used hand stitching in stunning colours ‘enjoying the physical experience of using thread on cloth’.  Her experimentation with paint, dye, wax and gesso encouraged many students to explore and experiment in order to reach their full potential.  She expected a high standard of design, technique and presentation and this set the bar for future Wey Valley members.

Ros came by way of fine art, having done her post graduate studying with Audrey Walker and Constance Howard.  Her sessions were challenging but filled with fun and laugher.  She would encourage risk taking but still give her students a sense of security.  One great piece of advice she passed on was ‘be aware of happy accidents and build on them’, lighthearted and positive, typical of Ros.  Today she is a member of the prestigious Textile Study Group.

Vicky strongly believed that Wey Valley Workshop should be an exhibiting group.  She herself taught and exhibited internationally.  She realized that exhibiting brings with it a challenge for artists to raise their game.  This is crucial to an artist’s development.

The legacy they both left us is the Wey Valley Workshop, which continues to thrive with an active membership that produces exciting, accomplished work.

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