Hilary Williams

Statement of Work

Hilary Williams is interested in the ancient civilisations of the Middle East and the way that the same symbols are repeated throughout history and across different countries. The processes of disintegration and decay over the centuries have created a wealth of images which are fascinating to interpret.

Textile Practice

Hilary enjoys building up layers to achieve the effects she wants using silk organza, which has been painted and monoprinted then stitched. She is also interested in the way different papers including newsprint can be bonded to fabrics then painted to show parts of images or words.

She uses silk noil and silk habotai as she finds these are useful fabrics which dye well and suit her way of working.

Commissions undertaken.


Tel: 01252 835781
Email: hilary@thesilkroute.co.uk
Website: www.thesilkroute.co.uk

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