Pene Murgatroyd

Statement of Work

Pene’s main interest for her work comes from a love of experimentation with many types of medias. She enjoys using colour, and is inspired by all things tactile, textural, and 3-D in structure.  All her ideas are taken from close observation of the real world around her.

Textile Practice

Pene is a versatile textile/mixed media artist with a background in experimental embroidery.  She enjoys using many different materials in her work, including watercolours and inks, different types of textiles and fibres, hand and machine stitching, handmade paper manipulation, plastic and card.  She uses these materials mainly to create 3-D pieces of work as well as some 2-D pieces.

Subjects are many and include hand-woven, hand-made papier mache shoes; larger abstract structures created from card and woven fabric that can be opened and closed; and recently a whole exhibition based on piano keys, using card, fabric, hand-stitching and music papers.


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