Heather Coley

Statement of Work

Heather Coley is inspired first and foremost by colour and texture.  She finds that she wants to capture the beautiful things that she sees and feels and she has discovered that she can do this best by working with mixed media and textiles rather than just paint.

Textile Practice

Heather spends a great deal of time experimenting with different mediums and techniques to achieve a finished item – it maybe by using paint or gel mediums, stencils or stamps, materials or paper and can involve a heat gun, soldering iron, sewing machine or glue!

She makes her own felt and paper and find endless satisfaction in creating 2 and 3d pieces as a way of expressing her fascination with the world around her.

Commissions undertaken


Email:  heathercoley@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.heather-textile-artist.co.uk

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